The John P. Redmond Fund

Providing Tools and Education to Keep Members Healthy and Safe

When the health and safety of our fire fighters and paramedics are at stake, we assist them with the tools and education necessary to do the job.

The John P. Redmond Fund provides education regarding the occupational hazards and diseases associated with fire fighting. The centerpiece of this effort is a biennial symposium that explores the health and safety issues directly affecting fire fighters and paramedics.

Its premier event is the Redmond Symposium, which brings together fire fighters and fire chiefs, medical practitioners and researchers, safety experts, city officials and political leaders, members of academia, industry leaders and representative from various federal agencies to make communities safer and the tough job of IAFF members as safe as possible.

This fund supports research that correlate heart disease, lung disease and many cancers associated with the profession of fire fighting. It also supports research on hazards related to all facets of fire fighters’ occupational health and well-being, including behavioral health, physical fitness, cancer and injury prevention, protective clothing and equipment.