From tragedy to recovery, the IAFF Foundation Burn Fund upholds the long-standing tradition of supporting IAFF members, their families and their communities affected by burn trauma.

IAFF Foundation Burn Fund

Of all the injuries that a fire fighter may suffer, none is more traumatic than a severe burn injury.  When an IAFF member or their immediate family member suffers a burn injury, the Burn Fund provides financial assistance for temporary emergency expenses.

Additionally, a burn survivor peer support network is available for IAFF members.

“Because of the amazing compassion of the IAFF Foundation Burn Fund, I was able to focus my energy on healing and recovery rather then the financial burden that was on my family.”

Dustin Hawkins, Fire Fighter

Indian River County FL

Burn Fund Dustin

International Burn Camp

Held annually in Washington, DC,  the camp is a life-changing opportunity for burn survivors ages 13-15 and the fire fighters/camp counselors who work to make a difference in the lives of these young people. The all-expenses paid, week-long camp helps burn survivors understand that they are not alone and that there is a larger support system for them.

See pictures from our 2019 International Burn Camp

Public Education- The Epidemic of Liquid and Steam Burns

Children and Older Adults Most At-Risk

Each year, over 450,000 burn injuries occur in the United States that are serious enough to require medical treatment.

Between 2007 and 2013, the proportion of burn center admissions due to scald burns increased from 29.8% to 33.7%.

Join us in the fight to prevent severe burn and scald injuries!

Our National Scald Prevention Campaign is designed to help fire and life safety educators, burn clinicians and injury prevention professionals generate greater awareness and prevention about scald injuries in and around homes.

For more information visit our Flashsplash website

Understanding Burn Care

The Understanding Burn Care website provides resources from the burn community nationwide, and houses — in one central library — tools to make services more accessible and improve outreach opportunities.

Our First Responder Guide to Burn Injury Assessment & Treatment Manual provides basic training and information for assisting individuals who suffer a burn injury or cold exposure.

Youth Firesetting Information Repository & Evaluation System- YFIRES

The Youth Firesetting Information Repository & Evaluation System (YFIRES) is a new data collection tool for the fire service and other organizations invested in youth firesetting intervention programs. This project helps develop a body of information that improves the national understanding of youth firesetting behavior.

Visit the YFires Website today

The YFIRES Fact Sheet document provides information about the YFIRES organization and purpose.

Fire Fighter Peer Support

To support burn-injured IAFF members on their path to healing and recovery, the IAFF Foundation has partnered with The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and the University of Kentucky to develop Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery), which offers one-on-one, confidential support from a trained fire fighter peer supporter and helps connect those facing new burn injuries with fire fighters and family members who have been through the experience. It is currently available in 60 partner hospitals and burn centers across North America.

Additional Burn Fund Resources

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